Just another paradigm of awesomeness

Coffee punch!


The inevitably long line at Tim Horton’s isn’t demotivating for them coffee lovers – in fact, its a tease: “You want some?” (says the coffee cup posing in it’s glimmering state of perfectness) Caffeine is what our brains crave early morning, the second you lift yourself up from that comfy, warm awesome bed in the morning ( like satan slowly luring you to hell, except in this case our heaven is hell). Wait what now? Is that the sound of  the God of all paradoxes yelling waving its hands in the air..”IM HERE! IM HERE!” – I dont see it? do you ?

The Coffee punch though, is a literal punch in the brain in the morning. It can be seen to be something more or less like a converting center (i dare not take its name…cough CH-cough-RU-cough-CH), where people meet the better half of themselves. For those who’ve read the books on Dexter or watched the TV show know that this thing I’m talking about is a little like the dark passenger – concealed in the dark…all night…just waiting for that cup of joe, ready to pounce and take everything for what it’s got: caffeine. Wait did I say caffeine again? I actually meant soma. Yes, another random reference – this one goes out to all my huxley readers this one’s for you (he says with a grin, titling his head – fly-kissing empty space).

Soma really had it’s ups and downs in that book (the brave new world) but in all reality, the awesomeness really sprouts from Huxley’s ability to predict our future state. How did he know? well im assuming he was a coffee drinker too! KISS (Keeping-it-simple-stupid!)

“So wait, what’s the coffee punch again?” says John for John has no clue why he’s actually reading this! Well cause it’s awesome: the coffee punch is the early morning craving that coffee lovers endure only to have it fulfilled at the cost of $2.69 and that large cup of elite awesomeness will fulfill your dreams – but more importantly, it is the digger- the old man-living in our minds calling for pleasure and the dark passenger yearning for something to cling on…that can be consumed. Hah! and they say eating your kids is bad?


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