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lemonade someone?

Alright, lets face some facts here: life throws lemons  at us. There’s no changing that! Most of us have or will at some point come to terms with that. So despite our constant efforts to dodge the lemons – there’s so many being chucked your way…one’s gotta hit the spot (and by spot I dont mean THE SPOT – if you know what I mean 😉 ..hint hint..nudge nudge).

With all these lemons being thrown our way, we incur and live with restrictions and are bounded by these restrictions, thus feeling obligated to do things. So the real questions, Hamlet, really is : What the heck do I do with so many lemons?

YOU MAKE LEMONADE! (TA-DA! he says with a drum roll).

Yes, it’s an obvious optimistic non-realistic answer- but in terms of reality, there ain’t a lot of juice in those lemons either!

Okay, so since there are no actual lemons being thrown at us, but just hypothetical troubles, its safe to assume that the lemonade is hypothetical too. But wait…what? Non-realistic-hypothetical lemonade?

Yeah, sure why not? (he says raising his shoulders)

This analogy of lemonade holds different values for different people: for some it can be the most important thing in the world, for others…just a regular everyday errand. The lemonade doesn’t solve your problem, but it helps you deal with it.

So how does one experience ultimate freedom then? Wait, do you mean the freedom you feel when you take a leap of faith, spread your wings and fly to somewhere perfect knowing exactly where you’re going? Well, I definitely do: we hold this freedom within us because we’re afraid we’re going to be hit by lemons.

For those of you who’ve played the duck/mallard shooting game that came out in the 1990s you know what I’m talking about: being shot by a lemon as you take your leap of faith aint the best way to take off.

But here’s the dealios: YOU ARE A SHIP! If you never leave the harbour, you’ll never really know what your destination looks like!

So take a deep breath, and make a run for it! – cause those lemons are still coming your way. Hey on the bright side, at least you’ll have a drink on the run.


Comments on: "lemonade someone?" (3)

  1. skaterboy86 said:

    Niceeeeeee….verryyyyyyy niceeeeeee………(imagine Smeagul caressing a lemon and saying “my precious)
    hey you know what??? i like the idea of being a ship….MUCH better than jumping and flying and spreading your wings like a bird and…. ohhhh getting shot by a lemon…….it’s a bird! it;s a plane! NO! It’s a guy who was trying to fly and got shot at by a LEMON…..come one that doesn’t sound nearly as cool as superman.
    Anyhow, i have left the harbor and am awaiting for more updates on the lemons….hopefully none are coming our way but the forecast for the lemonade storm didn’t sound too good.

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