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A rather interesting conjecture one would incur while trudging upon the realms of human evolution is Post-humanism; and before I continue on my awesome rant on what the shiz really is – lets define Post-humanism:

According to http://www.posthumanism.com:

Posthumanism (or transhumanism to use the standard term) is the view that we ought to try to develop – in ways that are safe and ethical – technological means that will enable the exploration of the posthuman realm of possible modes of being. Transhumanists believe that all people should have access to such technologies. The choice of whether to use them, however, should normally rest with the individual.

In the above definition, the writer defines “such technologies” as the ones that will enable us, as homo-sapiens to alter our biology so that our bodies are able to endure and withstand new levels of the human experience. Human experience of course Sally can mean anything. So why be so vague, when we can be so darn right specific? Here’s an interesting perspective:

From a Trans-humanistic perspective, any feeling/emotion that we cannot experience it is because we are limited by our biology. Thus, if we as humans really want these new levels of emotional experience, we must by all means obtain this technology and use it to our advantage. But here’s the kicker – If the human mind cannot contemplate what this specific emotion is, and or how it feels, then how does one design and develop a technology that allows one to feel a specific way?

An interesting rebuttal to this is, that there is no need to be specific in terms of the kind of emotions that one needs to experience, but rather the idea of experiencing new emotions is ideal. However, it is imperative to note that if one does take a bunch of darts and flings em’ in the air, just hoping that this shit really works, the chances of success are very low.

But lets take a step back before we get ahead of ourselves here and think about existing technologies and their implications. Bob Marley didn’t smoke weed because it was healthy: he did it for the experience. Weed, LSD, Salvia, and other powerful hallucinogenics allow one to experience new levels of emotions . Yes, some are illegal and for good reasons – but lets focus on the idea here: amphetamines belong to the stimulant class of drugs and allow one to hallucinate and simulate a much more interesting world.

Lets not forget though, a lot of us forget the beauty around us in our lifeless pursuit for something more powerful. Some Trans-humanists might argue that we live in technology and not nature, and thus beauty is hard to perceive. I would definitely disagree and that superficial beauty although induces great emotions, it isn’t as powerful true perception. The main reason being the pre-concious understanding of the genesis of the idea/thought: that a more natural experience will hold true spontaneity and thus be more enjoyable.

Post-humanism though, means no harm rather the opposite – the improvement and growth of the human species to learn of new technologies, to educate ourselves and experience what we haven’t ever experienced before.

The question though, really is for us to ponder upon: If you see the white rabbit go down his hole, which way are you going?


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