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Authentic Much?

It’s a story as old as time (if time had an age, that is)- first came the creation of the world. Many argue our world in its current state of existence came in to being through the most spontaneous Big Bang. While others may argue that the world was created rather not from just ONE big bang but from many through the collision of large energy membranes smashing into one another over and over again – such that they produced lots of mass (stars,planets etc.) and thus our world was created. I’m going to go ahead on a limp here and  add  another theory – We are so damn clueless that the sad excuse for current that passes through the neural networks in our brains just can’t stop alternating like a sine function transposed in R-infinity. In other words we get imaginative. See what I did there? Took a simple thought and took it to the dance floor and showed the left side of my brain how it’s done. And so I place before thee an inquisition: How authentic are you ?

Think about it for a minute, you know – head scratching and stuff. Before you deem me completely and utterly insane (you know you want to), think about all the unique things you’ve done and or created – heck think about how unique YOU ARE.

There is no denying the fact that every person is unique in their sense. Many a times uniqueness is often mistaken for weirdness – but hey! you know what they say one person’s uniqueness is another persons weirdness. So let’s all take a minute here and admire all the weird people we know ( and inevitable all the unique people we know – it’s interesting that I refer to ALL people as unique people).

There are two branches that REALLY come out into my head and bounce around like those really small bouncy balls that first came out in the 90s.  Here’s a picture for those who don’t know what I’m talking about:

So back to the two things that make my brain bounce about: First and foremost – SCIENCE.

Let’s face it, EVERY SINGLE THING can be boiled down to advanced, intermediate and basic science. But just as how we speculate the creation of the world, one must ponder upon the origins of science. By ‘origins of science’ I DO NOT mean the overall gradual improvement and development in mathematics by the Greeks, Indians, English etc. but rather the MAJOR UNIQUE contributions that were made to our society. I’m sure you’d all agree that with the recent advancements in TOUCH technology there have been some serious trends going on. Touch technology though was invented a while back – LONG before today’s world where the ipad or playbook ruled our lives. It WAS and IS the uniqueness of the idea- its the AUTHENTICITY of the electric circuits and mathematical models that REALLY got the technology consumer attention.

Now lets not forget the second thing that makes my brain bounce: EMOTIONAL AUTHENTICITY

Does it sound weird? I mean the word emotional-authenticity (lets not forget weird = uniqueness in R-infinity) ?

So one may ask what is exactly the connection between emotions and science. Some of you obviously know what I’m talking about, but that’s kinda creepy since I’m making this up as I type. Anyways, moving on… The connection is this:

  • Emotions are formed due the secretion of hormones from the endocrinal system.
  • The endocrine system is made up of carbon – just like everything else on this awesome planet.
  • Carbon is an element-atom/string/membrane (depends on what theory you base your life off of)
  • The atomic theory/string theory was developed by scientists as a part of their UNIQUE/AUTHENTIC approach to the world
  • Scientists had lives – they interacted with people
  • Those people are our ancestors
  • Information transferred

“But hold on a second..”says John  for John once again is wondering what Emotional authenticity means? Is it emotional availabitlity ? or does it mean being happy or sad?

Well I’ll leave that for you to ponder upon – the human mind is so powerful that right now your suboncious is storing information in your preconsious directly from your concious mind. And when it’s done and when you go to bed, your eyes will go in to REM and even though you think you’ll be dreaming about unicorns and Barney Stinson – you know for a fact that your brain will be computing what emotional authenticity means. I know, it’s that creepy…deal with it 🙂

Adios for now 😀