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12th day of Christmas at light speed!

It’s a white Christmas, or I’m hoping as I’m writing this 2 days in advance – and let’s face it, white Christmases are pretty damn AWESOME. It adds to the festivity and the true spirit of Christmas. Wait did I just say the TRUE SPIRIT of Christmas? Oh yes I did, and I’m definitely going down THAT road (he boasts).

So what is Christmas actually all about? Is it the Christmas Tree? The Presents? The awesome Christmas Dinner? The family/friends get-together? The snow? The shopping?…and the list goes on.

Could it be the idea of giving, that has kept the humanity within us ALIVE perhaps? Although, I’m going to admit, I’m no expert here – so I’m not going to answer it, rather leave it for your beautiful minds to ponder upon!

Here’s something interesting though:

Drew Carey the famous comedian said in an interview about Christmas:

“The birth of Jesus is in the Bible, but not Christmas. The tree is not in the Bible, you know. Gifts—that’s not there either. There’s no place where it says, ‘”Celebrate my birthday,” says Jesus.’ It’s a pagan holiday that the Romans invented that we just do. But everywhere you go, I’m telling you, I’ve seen this so many times, you see a nativity scene and there’s baby Jesus, the manger, sheep, shepherds, Mary, Joseph and Santa Claus right in the middle. Who’s he? Mary’s [birthing] coach? Santa Claus has nothing to do with anything.”

Interestingly another question often pops up in peoples head: Is Christmas day really the birthday of Jesus Christ? Well I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure, so I did some research online and asked the Christians I knew and the outcome was not  obvious: The people who weren’t sure guessed ‘Yes’ assuming the generality of the term ‘CHRIST+MAS’ and those with strong religious beliefs agreed and disagreed.  It is although imperative to note that Christmas initially was a Pagan Festival. But I’m definitely NOT going into a religious outburst here, just want to keep things merry 🙂 (bold and underlined)

So for whatever reason we believe in Santa Clause, or allow the people around us to believe in him (kids) – Santa Clause (the idea of him) is pretty darn cool and here’s why (and yes, he could be based off of Turkey as Saint Nicholas- thats not the point):

  • He delivers presents to an apparent 7 billion population around the world (assuming hes not biased to the people who believe in him) – He makes kids happy.
  • He has a seriously AWESOME algorithm for determining who has been good and who has been naughty – heck its REAL TIME DATA!
  • Further, the real time data extends to wish lists- meaning he tracks who wants what! (once again mind-blowing ..nerve racking technology that is often not given to super heroes – the Bat-Mobile can suck it)
  • And finally, the most awesome thing about Santa Clause is that he can WARP TIME! That’s right, and you see sick, old bed ridden Einstein giving Mr. Clause a Hi 5. Physically, that is the only way Santa Clause can deliver to  his expectations, so it only makes sense he moves at or faster than 3×10^8 m/s (Speed of light). If this is true, than everything slowly starts to make sense: Santa Clause has been whatever his age is for several years now, not seeming to grow old. You see this is the exact effect one would observe when one does start to reach the speed of light – TIME SLOWS DOWN! Okay, so time slows down and he can therefore deliver presents big deal. But let’s not forget that if time slowed down, so does the process of aging, its why he continues to look like the Santa Clause we’ve imagined for years now.

So this is a cheers to all my friends who celebrate Christmas! Have a joyous one 🙂

P.S. – it’s not going to be a white Christmas in Brampton unfortunately(Humbug!). But what really squeezes the lemon is that it will snow right AFTER Christmas. Yeah, I know right – Mother Nature who’s side are you actually on?

Not a white christmas

Not a white Christmas


The bit on Drew Carey taken from : http://www.ucg.org/doctrinal-beliefs/was-christ-born-christmas-day/