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How real is your knowledge?

A dead man falling to the ground, on his knees: a failed excitation in the aura, a discrepancy in faith. The only thought that remains is the last in the upper hippo-campus of the brain. The ultimate sacrifice of knowledge is lead by death, as his face tears through the screeching air of silence: What happens now? The only question that is left answered and a low lying figure stumbles on his knees as his chest thrusts towards the concrete floor. The failing attempt at existence yet reveals its most powerful hand, the straight flush: the growing faith in the power of knowledge. Knowledge stuffed in the human brain and stored till death. The only unanswered question is afraid to be asked, but only a few don’t assume. Life though, has its own game plan and a new agenda is thrown towards the center of all human attention. A power-play on the part of life, a distilled glass of unspoken truth: speculation is the growing seed that gives birth to unreal facts and assumptions. Like the assumption that a real man fell to the ground, lying dead enough to not dare move a muscle. An assumption that life betrays all artifacts of the human essence through the juxtaposition of speculation and knowledge is made. What more could hungry wolves want from this devised truth, deemed worthy of our human attention? Maybe that is the essence of true human existence. Or maybe, you are the dead man on the ground, and your knowledge is foregone, farfetched through the power-play of life.  Just maybe, the sole idea of speculation being evil, throws a thought you ought to dismiss as an unrealistic compilation of logic. But can logic be unrealistic? Leave your thoughts to this paradox, and sing the song of life.


– SK